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Infinite Enzymes is a biotech company with a novel genetic technology for producing low-cost, recombinant enzymes in corn seed for converting cellulosic biomass into biobased products.

Infinite Enzymes, LLC has fully developed a licensed patented system using maize as a plant biofactory to inexpensively produce industrial enzymes. Using plants for production of industrial enzymes, capitalizes on tractable and highly scalable agricultural production systems. The plant system offers a new revenue stream to farmers and enables numerous industries because of the potential for low cost and large volumes possible without this capital expenditure.

Infinite Enzymes’ plant genetic technology enables the production of cellulase enzymes in the embryo (germ) of the corn kernel. Using transgenic corn as a “plant factory” for producing cellulase enzymes, Infinite Enzymes can deliver high-quality, cost-competitive cellulase enzymes on a commercial scale without the capital intensive requirements and environmental costs associated with existing enzyme production through microbial/fungal fermentation processes.  

Infinite Enzymes has developed, at the laboratory scale, two product formulations for commercial sale. The first product comprises two purified protein products (reagent grade), an endocellulase and an exocellulase, that are being marketed through a distributor in St. Louis, MO, Sigma Chemical Co. The value per unit is quite high, however the total number of units per year marketing through a single analytical supply house is relatively low. Our second product is a concentrated extract of ground corn flour containing an endocellulase. It is this product that we have specifically targeted to be utilized in the pulp & paper processing industry.

In the past 24 months, our team has engaged in discussions with three of the largest pulp & paper specialty chemical suppliers here in the USA. As a result, several of these firms have evaluated our endocellulase and our exocellulase in their research facilities and reported performance data using our maize produced cellulases that rivals fermentative competitive enzymes.  

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Infinite Enzymes employs plant biotechnology for producing useful, sustainable enzymes for industrial applications based around the concept of corn grain as a bio-factory.

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