Elizabeth Hood, Ph.D, has more than thirty years experience in biology. She is currently Associate Vice Chancellor for Research and Technology Transfer at Arkansas State University. She runs an active research lab in plant-based protein production technology and cell wall structure and function. Dr. Hood was a Program Director in Molecular and Cellular Biosciences at the National Science Foundation during the 2003-2004 academic year. She was a leader in forming one of the world’s foremost transgenic plant research groups at ProdiGene, a plant biotechnology company. Previous to ProdiGene, Dr. Hood was director of the cell biology group for plant production of therapeutic proteins at Pioneer Hi-Bred International, a Fortune 500 Company.

Kendall Hood has thirty five years of experience in biology, chemistry and plant breeding.  He has extensive experience conducting laboratory experiments within universties and companies, including Sigma Chemical Company where he worked for a number of years.  Mr. Hood has a BS in Chemical Engineering and an MS in Biology, both awarded by Oklahoma State University.  He has taught chemistry at the junior high, high school and university levels. He has also published several articles on plant biology. 


John Howard, Ph.D. has over 35 yeaers experience in directing biotechnology groups in research, regulatory, production, intellectual property, and business development for two Fortune 500 companies and two start-up companies. In addition to directing a number of technology innovations, he also directed the commercial introduction of the first plant biotechnology products for crop improvement and the first industrial and human health products produced from transgenic plants. He is an author on over 100  publications and patents in biotechnology.  Dr. Howard is the Founder and President of Applied Biotechnology Institute, a company focused on providing early stage research and development for plant biotechnology products targeted to industrial and pharmaceutical markets with minimal risk.

Zivko Nikolov, Ph.D. is a Professor of Biological and Agricultural Engineering at Texas A&M University.  His research focuses on the development of recovery and purification strategies for recombinant biomolecules expressed in transgenic plants and microalgae.His research group applies modern scientific, engineering, and analytical tools to identify constraints posed by the biological system and recombinant product.Understanding these constraints is a critical step towards achieving a cost-effective downstream processing (process). Dr. Nikolov has a MS and Ph.D. from Iowa State University. .

Pete Nelson is co-founder of BioDimensions, Inc.  Mr. Nelson has over 10 years of experience working with new crops, agricultural technology, and biobased products. He has worked with business startups, multinationals, universities and regional economic development agencies. Mr. Nelson has written extensively on the new biobased economy. In 2009 he co-authored the Regional Strategy for Biobased Products in the Mississippi Delta with Dr. Randy Powell and Battelle Technology Partnership. He is also a co-author and co-editor of the new book Plant Biomass Conversion (Wiley-Blackwell, 2011). He has also been extensively involved in producing commercial scale trials of new bioenergy crops in the U.S. and Canada.  Working with Memphis Bioworks Foundation, Mr. Nelson co-developed the AgBioworks™ Regional Initiative to establish a multi-state  public-private partnership for developing biomass related projects.

Maury Radin is co-founder of BioDimensions, Inc. Maury has over 30 years of experience in business ownership, management and operations.  He started his career with Manpower Employment Services (a Memphis-based regional franchise of Manpower Inc.) where he ultimately served as President/Chief Executive Officer.  Under Maury's leadership Manpower employed over 10,000 temporary and contract workers managing a $50 million annual business. During this time period he also founded a captive insurance company to pool resources with other Manpower franchisees.   Since retiring from Manpower in 2000, Maury has provided leadership and investment capital for a number of business ventures related to sustainable agriculture, green technologies and biobased products.  In 2005 Maury helped launch BioDimensions to provide business development and consulting services to help build supply chains in the new bioeconomy. 


Infinite Enzymes employs plant biotechnology for producing useful, sustainable enzymes for industrial applications based around the concept of corn grain as a bio-factory.

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