IE’s plant-production system will drastically lower the cost of industrial enzymes. Low cost cellulase will allow the commercialization of a whole range of new biobased products (chemicals & advanced biofuels) by dramatically lowering the cost of breaking down lignocellulosic biomass into fermentable sugar. The current price of cellulase is $6 to $15 per kilogram for applications in the pulp and textile industries, with a global market of $335 million and an annual growth rate of 7‐9 % a year for traditional markets (Freedonia Group, 2007). This market is currently served by companies that use fermentation manufacturing processes. IE’s technology circumvents the need for expensive fermenters. Indeed, because the enzymes are produced in corn germ, the grain grown for ethanol could have a dual use—the starch for ethanol and the germ for oil and enzymes.